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Clickable Textboxes Disppears in Online Experiment on Pavlovia

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Description of the problem:
I have added two clickable textboxes in my Psychopy experiment. They work well in the local experiment – all clicking responses can be recorded well and each click on either of them ends the current trial. However, the problem is that they just disappear in the online experiment.

Could anyone please tell me how I could make the two clickable textboxes available in the online experiment?

Thank you so much!

Do you mean the new Buttons component? Beta Button Response Not Loading in Pavlovia

I use a rectangular polygon with a text component in front.

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Wakecarter, thank you for your prompt reply and advice again. Yes, I am using the new Buttons component. I will try this rectangular polygon right now. Thank you!

I have tried the rectangular polygon. It seems that I can’t record people clicking the polygon in the local experiment. Should the polygon be used with the clickable textbox?

You should be able to add the polygon as the only clickable object in your mouse component. However, you need to add a comma after the polygon name if it’s in a list of one.

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I am so indebted to you, Wakecarter. Your polygon solution does work both offline and online and all clicking responses are recorded.

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