Downloading resources canceled by now possible click on "ok" during download

Since using the new version (2022.2.4), the dialog box displays a small “Ok” button before all resources are downloaded. After downloading all resources, the “ok”-button is displayed larger.

What is the problem I am having?
By clicking the “Ok” Button before all resources are downloaded, the download is aborted and an error message appears (TypeError: image undefined), which is logical as not all resources have been downloaded. Clicking the “Ok”-Button is even possible before filling out all mandatory information.

What is the solution I would like for my study?
The “Ok” button is not visible until all resources are downloaded. Is there are a way to change this with a code component?

Is anyone else having problems with this change or is it just me? I would appreciate help because my study contains more than 400 images to download which takes approx. 1 minute. I could lose many potential subjects because they might click too early on “Ok”.

Is this happening in local debug mode or on pavlovia?

Hi @ajus, this is happening on pavloia - I only test directly on pavlovia.

Hello ann,

you could try to download the majority of the images at a later moment in the experiment using the Resource Manager.

Best wishes Jens

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Hello Jens,
thank you for your quick reply! I will try that one.
Best wishes Ann