Does psychopy add time to audio files that play sequentially?

I have to present 80 sounds to my participants for my experiment. I’ve obviously used the audio component and have made an excel spreadsheet for the order that I need my sounds to play in (then reference that spreadsheet in the audio file part.

By two audio files are both 500ms long and this is how long I need them to play with no extra time between them - my supervisor thinks that the sounds are playing slower than normal. Could this be because psychopy adds additional space between the sounds?

Not sure how I can find this out or fix it so any help would be great!


Psychopy shouldn’t be adding time to the sounds/slowing the duration, do you have the stimulus onset/offset times saved to the .csv output file?


Hey Becca,

I do have onset/offset times set to save however I can’t find them in my data output for some reason.

However, I figured out it was because my image component was set to a duration of 1 second. I changed this to be 0.5s (image below) which has made the sounds play a lot faster now which is good!

My only problem now is that when each sound file plays, the images do not stay on the screen continuously like they used to, they now flash quickly with each sound playing… any ideas why?