Problem synchronising triggers on audio file chaining


I’m developing an experiment on psychopy. The aim is to tell a story with a sequence of audio files and images for children. The aim of this experiment is to make an eeg recording, so triggers must be sent when an audio file starts (at the end of the previous file). The problem is that the total duration of the recording given by my triggers is shorter than the total duration of my audio files ( 34.39 instead of 36,694). Checking my logs sent by psychopy, I can see that I’m losing time on each audio file that accumulates. I can also see that the longer the file, the bigger the cut.

I was wondering if there was a way to fix this.

Ps: I don’t have the version of psychopy where the experience is currently running but I do have the experience code if you need to see certain parts of the code. It wasn’t me who developed the experience but a colleague who went through the graphical interface. I’m used to using python so if I need to recode the experience I’m willing to do it. The problem can also come from the hardware, we use a set up supplied by antneuro.

What is the bit rate of the audio files? I wonder if the issue is that the files are 44kHz but playing at 48kHz.

Yes you are right thank you ! so I can change the bit rate on psychopy or I must to adapt my audio file

48kHz is best for PsychoPy so I’d recommend that you change the bit rate for the audio files and try again.

I will try it thank you very much. You are the GOAT

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