PsychoPy not playing the entire audio

Hi everyone,

I’m coding an experiment using PsychoPy v2020.2.10, and I will be playing one melody per trial (the trials are controlled by a loop), and I encountered some problems with sound presentation.

The task will be something like:
I have a set of pre-generated wav files, each of them is under 1 minute. I would like to choose the file randomly, play the melody to participants. While the melody is playing, I would like PsychoPy to send a trigger so that I can know when exactly the melody started playing, and throughout the listening process, participants make key presses when they hear certain modulations in the melody. Reaction time should be measured for each key press, so that we can measure the latency from the onset of each modulation to each key press of participant make. Each melody is played from beginning to end while participants make key presses.

The problem I have is:
Sometimes the sound file just get played halfway without finishing. I tried playing with the audio setting but have no solid solution to let the wav files play entirely. The screenshot below is my audio setting. Any feedback/ideas of what is going wrong is much appreciated!