Does not use content of input/excel file

Hi PsychoPy community.

I am reading in an excel file to update the image for every instance (amongst many other more complicated stuff). For some reason, it does read in the excel file - I can see it when looking at the generated output file - but it does not update the image. I do not understand what is happening here :frowning:

Here is the link to the experiment:

I have coded a very easy example to test whether the error in the experiment is due to the non-update of image files (you can see that there are many more components to the experiment, and I managed at least to specify the problem) โ†’ the routine is called โ€˜testThisโ€™, where I read in an excel file, which should update the image displayed.

Any ideas? For some reason, I have not managed to solve it!

Thank you!!


did you forget to set set every repeat?

Best wishes Jens