2nd (free) PsychoPy Contributor Workshop, 22 & 24 March (Wed & Fri), 9am-12

We are hosting a second, free contributor workshop on Wednesday and Friday, the 22nd and 24th of March, from 9am-12noon (UK timezone), both days. That’s just over one week away.

Join us if you want to learn about how to contribute to the PsychoPy project on GitHub. We will illustrate how to make pull requests in the PsychoPy repository, as well as helping you make that all happen with your own small contribution (e.g., documentation, bug fix, translation).

The new morning times will make it easier for our potential contributors in Asian and Oceanic time zones to attend. (note that we will soon create an Americas-friendly workshop in late April that will take place in the afternoon, UK time)

Again, we especially welcome potential contributors from under-represented backgrounds, but anyone is welcome to join us!

You can sign up for the free workshop here on Eventbrite: Contributing to PsychoPy Workshop Tickets, Wed. & Fri., 22 & 24 March 2023 from 9am-12.

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Hi @Patrick_Bolger1, thank you for the invitation!

I’m employed to promote software sustainability at Amsterdam UMC and beyond. I would like to draw inspiration from your learning materials, but not necessarily contribute to PsychoPy/PsychoJS. Hence, I wonder: have you got any workshop materials available open access?

Thanks and best, Thomas

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I’m unfortunately no longer able to attend the first session so am cancelling my Eventbrite ticket. :dotted_line_face:

Just thought I’d post on here in case anyone was wanting to attend but missed out as it’s sold out.

I do very much hope there will be others in the future, as it is something I would really like to get (more) involved in. :nerd_face: