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Need more help with Builder? Come to the workshop!

(Apologies for putting this post here rather than in announcements category - it’s just that I think a lot of people aren’t looking in announcements!)

Are you wanting to use Builder to go that extra mile, but you’re struggling to do the fancy stuff?

  • You want to implement a block/counterbalanced design?
  • You want stimuli that depend on previous responses?
  • You want a special not-exactly-random stimulus sequence?
  • You want a stimulus that animates its position in time?

Maybe you should consider the PsychoPy Builder workshop

But I can just ask for help on the forum, right? There are lots of generous people answering questions on this forum (you can see all the lovely contributors here: But if you ask a question along the lines of “How do I construct my study?”, especially where your study is a little more advanced, then you won’t get much help few people have time to spend more than a minute or two per post.

The workshop is there to provide more advanced training for you. We’ll use Builder (so it won’t be too hard) but we’ll show you lots of short code snippets that will get you on your way running advanced, dynamic experiments. We’ll cover dynamic stimuli (make things move), block designs, non-random sequences, making your stimuli contingent on responses etc. There will be time for you to work on your own projects too, while we come around and help.

The workshop does come at a cost (ask your dept to pay or pay out of your research grant?) but it provides detailed training from the some very experienced Python/PsychoPy users (including me - I count myself at the experienced end of the spectrum :wink: )

For more information (and for a link to the bookings site) go to:

Hopefully see some of you in Nottingham!

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Details here: