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Diffulty trying to design a choice where one of two different images gets shown depending on one of two buttons for the different images

Hi. New to psychopy for a good while now. I’m having difficulty trying to design my experiment. Basically, the trial will have a default (negative valence) image be shown for a second and then text will appear for three seconds saying to click ‘c’ to see the default picture or click ‘s’ to see a positive image. However, if they don’t click within three seconds, the default image will be shown for a couple of seconds. Essentially, the type of image shown depends on that or the letter that gets clicked within three seconds.

My issue is that I’m not sure how to design it so that it can follow the choice of the image. I’ve tried playing with it by perhaps putting two stimuli for the choice. Since I am designing it, I’m just doing two trials of it at the moment with each trial containing a different default and positive image.

I appreciate your input.

I think this might be the solution you are looking for Feedback with images