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How to track image stimuli influenced keyboard response times?


I am trying to create a study in builder mode where I am presenting an image stimulus of two images (two images on one .jpg file) and am trying to see if the participant can determine the images are the same or different. I am trying to record responses of “s” for same and “d” for different while also trying to record the response time. Also the participant only has 30 seconds to make their decision. Does anyone know how to properly go about this. I have never used psychopy before and I’m teaching myself how to use it. Thank you to anyone who can help.


You need a keyboard component with available responses ‘s’ and ‘d’ and a duration of 30. You could set the correct answer as something like corrAns (the title of the column of your Excel containing the image names and s or d for the answer)

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Thank you Wakefield! I appreciate how quick your response was!