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Image selection with using keyboard

I’m new to PsychoPy. I want to design a simple-choice experiment. I want to select an image from 4 different pictures via using the keyboard. For example, for every image, I’m gonna use the different keys from the keyboard. If participant will press “1”, the experiment is gonna choose image1. Later on, the experiment will be continued to make an if condition structure that would allow this image to be selected correctly or incorrectly. I mean, subjects will see own response as correct or incorrect. I did already if condition part. However, I guess I need to add code for image selection. Accually, I wrote a basic code for selection. But it didn’t work properly. If anyone help me, I’ll be very appreciated. I’m gonna added my experiment design. Thanks in advance.


loop_1_training.xlsx (32.3 KB)
1_august_training_new_tr.psyexp (27.7 KB)
27_yeni_2.xlsx (33.2 KB)
25 31training 2_snick 3_chee 4_mil 1_dor