Demonstration of experiment without data storage wanted - are credits still needed?

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I have the following experiment which I want to make publicly available for every reader of my manuscript to experience the trials I have used. I don’t want data to be stored, it is supposed to be just a demonstration for reviewers / future readers of the manuscript.
Is it possible to have other people run the experiment, but not to have assign credits (as I don’t want to store any data?). We are not covered by an institutional licence, therefore I would prefer not to waste credits for data which I cannot use.

Please read the following page:

It states the following:

You are free to pilot as many experiments as you want, as often as you want, without worrying about credits or licenses. The PILOTING mode has however the following restrictions:

  • Your results will be directly downloaded by your browser upon completion of the experiment, rather than being saved on the server (see the Download Results section below)
  • Clicking on the [Pilot] button generates a pilot token that is valid for one hour only. Consequently, you cannot click on [Pilot] and copy the URL of the new tab for later use: the experiment will complain if you try.
  • Participants or colleagues cannot run your experiment while it is in PILOTING mode, even if they have access to its URL (Figure 4).

So it’s going to be problematic to use the pilot option. You will have to share the experiment (the actual project on Pavlovia) or your user with each participant. Also, the link will be changed every hour.
So I would say using credits is essential for your purpose.


We haven’t yet implemented a “Demo” mode but you can create one by assigning a few credits, removing the save partial data option and stopping the final routine from ending.