Externally Piloting on Pavlovia


I currently have a functioning experiment on Pavlovia and it is in Pilot mode. I can successfully pilot the experiment on my computer (or I guess any computer when I’m logged into my account). Am I able to have other users pilot my experiment as well?

From what I can gather, I’m thinking that if my study is Public, the answer is yes. But do other users need to have a Pavlovia account for this to work? (For context, I want to have my research assistants at my university pilot test my experiment before it goes live).

Also, currently my study is Private. Is there a way to change it to Public (if this is necessary)? I haven’t seen anything for this, except to delete the repository and re-upload from PsychoPy as a Public experiment.

I have been setting the study to Running but with a final routine that doesn’t finish. Give it a few credits but they won’t get used

I don’t have any credits I can use. I’m currently waiting for my University to get a license (we’re probably 2-4 weeks out on this happening :confused:) so I’m just trying to pilot in the meantime so it’s ready to go when we finally get the license.

Hello @Eslifkin,

One way for your research assistant to pilot your study would be for him or her to fork your experiment into their own namespace. This will create a copy of your study, which they will then be able to pilot.
You will find more information about how to fork an experiment here: https://pavlovia.org/docs/experiments/create-fork

You can make your study public on GitLab by changing its visibility, as described here: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/public_access/public_access.html

Good luck with the license discussions! Let us know if we can help in that regards.


Thank you Alain! This is essentially what I needed. I created an additional Pavlovia account that everyone in our lab can use to pilot-test studies and created a group with forked copies of all our studies.

I’d just like to add that in the future it would be fantastic to be able to give a URL to non-Pavlovia users who aren’t interested in the construction of the experiment but would like a demo of the experiment (e.g., readers of a paper, or a busy collaborator :wink: ) - i.e., a full demo that doesn’t collect any data and doesn’t require credits.

PS: I’ve just started converting to Pavlovia and it’s excellent :smiley:

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I do this by turning off partial data collection and stopping the final routine from ending (e.g. bay removing the tick from force end of routine in the keyboard response). The experiment then only needs a handful of credits which won’t get used.

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