Deleting pavlovia profile and logging out in builder


I want to delete my temporary account from pavlovia, and log out from the Builder, I can’t find any way to do so. It wouldn’t be much of a problem but Builder now uses my temporary account as default and I cannot push into my previous account.

I apologize, this is a dull question, but how do I delete my pavlovia account and log out of builder?

For the logging into a different account I might have an idea: if in the menu, you do → Log In, I think you’re automatically logged out of your current account and logged in with another one

Thank you for a quick reply!

So it’s a nice workaround but it didn’t work directlyb. WORKS if I restart Psychopy, open an untitled/new project, log in (again) in there with the desired account, then open my desired project and try to push it, it uses the correct accout. Both stay signed it, so i’m not sure whether it will cause problems in the future:

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Happy we got a fix! I’ve also got a suggestion on how to clear up your tmp account. That’s by clearing out all your PscyhoPy preferences, though note you’ll then need to login again. Troubleshooting — PsychoPy v2021.1

(I you’re using Windows, the right path in that tutorial is %APPDATA%\psychopy3)

Actually, it was an early call, it looks like its been pushed:

but it doesn’t appear online:

Have you got it in your project list perhaps? Otherwise, I’d recommend the classic “turn it off and on again” :slight_smile: (close PsychoPy, sync again)

Clearing out the CFG files didn’t work, but deleting the ‘user’ and ‘projects’ files in AppData\Roaming\psychopy3\pavlovia, logging in again, and syncing the project few times worked :smiley: Thanks!

Can this same solution be used on mac?

I have been trying to locate these files but have been unsuccesful, any help would be sincerely appreciated! :smile:

EDIT: Sorry I just found it after trying

cd ~/.psychopy3
open .

on command line!

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Is deleting the username from the pavloviaUser field in appData.cfg currently the only way to “log out” (in order to log in with a different account)? Just deleting users.json (and projects.json) in the pavlovia sub-directory didn’t work here.

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