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Deleted All Experiments on Pavlovia


I accidentally deleted all of our lab’s experiments on Pavlovia while trying to delete a single experiment. I checked the box on the top bar instead of the individual box I wanted, and selected the new “Delete selected experiments” button, then hit the enter key without paying attention. Almost all of our experiments are gone from the Pavlovia interface as well as our GitLab server. However, they still show up as “deleted experiments” on Pavlovia.

Is there any way to restore them? Would Pavlovia have a backup on their servers? This happened about 2 hours ago. We’re looking at about 200 experiments, their PsychoPy code and files, and their associated data. I would think that the code and data is stored on a server somewhere for at least a little bit of time.

Please help. Thank you.

Sounds like you need to ask someone to request yesterday’s backup.

I tried to @jon but I’m not sure it worked (on my phone).

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Dear @wlane,

As you may have read in our data policy document, our backup system is not designed for the restoring of specific experiments in case of accidental deletions.
That being said, we handle those requests on a case by case basis, and yours is certainly an extreme one. I have just written to you with a solution.
Best wishes,


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