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Deleting the experiment on pavlovia and recreating the same


It seems impossible to delete the experiment from pavlovia, delete the ‘.git’ and ‘.gitignore’ from the folder on the filesystem and recreate the experiment. It simply does not create the experiment on pavlovia. The workaround i often have to do is copy paste all the routines in a new experiment.

Is it possible to do what I was originally trying to do? Is there something else that I need to delete or recreate to pain-less-ly delete and recreate?


Do you have the experiment open in PsychoPy when deleting the .git folder? Either that or perhaps you aren’t deleting all the git related files.

What I do when moving an experiment from my Wake namespace to my vespr namespace is fork it on Pavlovia, delete the local folder and then recreate the folder name as the destination for the new sync.

No its not open anywhere.
I did delete the .git* files
I also recreated a copy.
Nothing seems to work. I am deleting the experiment from pavlovia. Am I supposed to do it from gitlab?

Is it possible to bump this question to someone managing technical merging? This eats a lot into my work time , recreating projects (since removal of .git* doesn’t mean one can recreate again successfully). Please and thank you.

Are your local files on a cloud storage drive? I think that that can cause an issue.

No , they are on my local file system.

This is actually a problem that occurs often (more than 2-3 times now) and eats a lot of time in fixing the issue. There must be a clean way to re-create projects w/o having to do all the re-wiring.

No they are not to the best of my knowledge.


I am curious : why would bring on a cloud create a problem?


I think it’s related to files only being downloaded when they are actively requested, and maybe this isn’t how PsychoPy looks at the .git folder.

However, I’m no expert on this. I simply discovered that I couldn’t use my Google drive for Pavlovia and I’ve seen people have issues with OneDrive.

Sigh, ok, thanks! There is something really strange here but I cannot figure out why because these sync/create code is not really visible. Simply deleting any trace of git doesn’t really fix the problem.

Why are you needing to delete and recreate experiments so often?

It’s my 3rd time. So often is relative. There is this odd thing i notice with psychopy that i can’t put a finger on it. After doing experiments and running them on participants (so far so good), I sometimes run into this problem where if I change code and sync, it no longer syncs to the repo. I tracked down this bug to it somehow associating this to another defunct account that i have on pavlovia. However, in order to fix the mess and the entanglement, I need to remove all the .git and recreate. That is not working. Why it occasionally points to the defunct account is another mystery.


what you could try is to use git from the command-line instead of relying on PsychoPy to do the syncing. Alas, git doesn’t have the simplest and most intuitive interface. You quickly find some introduction on youtube or text, whatever you prefer, doing an internet search.

Best wishes Jens

It’s getting confused with your old username?

Try reinstalling PsychoPy.

I don’t think the cmdline suggestion will work properly. While i suspect that gitting cmdline will be fine, all the GUI magic syrup won’t happen. The disconnect I am seeing while recreating is probably due to the fact that the GUI does more than mere cmdline gitting on the backend.


your choice. I don’t know what you mean by GUI magic syrup mean? Setting or deleting the git-usernames can be done via the cmdline.

Best wishes Jens