Deleted experiment still showing up in Pavlovia dashboard

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I have generally been able to remove experiments from Pavlovia by deleting them in gitlab (going to advanced settings and removing the project) - this usually works and removes them from the dashboard. But I have one expt that is stuck in a limbo state and I can’t get rid of it - it is listed as inactive but if I try to view code or switch to piloting mode I get a 404 error. I guess there must be a lingering reference somewhere but I’m not sure how to clean it out!

Hi There,

Tagging our resident pavlovia maintainer @apitiot. He should get back to you shortly.


Hello @slaterjess,

Your experiment was indeed frolicking around in limbo. She has now departed :wink:
My apologies for the mishap.


Hello @apitiot,

I have the same issue on two of my deleted experiment from gitlab that still stay on the dashboard. Would you be able to take them off the dashboard as you did with slaterjess ?

Here’s the links :

Thanks a lot,