Pavlovia data not saving- in incomplete experiment

We have an experiment running which provides subjects with a completion code (they can use for prolific) but does not end the experiment unless they press l).

We specifically have “save incomplete results” checked which means we do get charged a credit if they exit out early but at least we get partial data.

Under sessions- we see that a session was run this morning
But it does not look like credits were consumed and no data is available (we gave it a few hours to upload)

Is there any specific mistake we are making for data saving?

Thanks so much in advance

If someone exits the experiment on the first screen (e.g. instructions) then you could get an empty data file.

They actually got to the last screen of the experiment ( they got the completion code which is only available then) but may have not officially exited out of the experiment

I could set it in the end message

psychoJS.quit({message: ‘Your prolific completion code is: …’});

but my concern is that if something accidentally clicks on it the message disappears

I strongly recommend embedding the completion code in the Complete URL and not displaying it on screen. My VESPR Study Portal is set up to offer this at the debrief without having it on the Pavlovia / PsychoPy code at all.

Looks like a really great tool, thanks! We daisy chain two studies (with your demo as well) so we have

So for us it will be
Prolific-> VESPR-> Pavlovia study 1-> Pavlovia study 2-> Vespr-> Prolific

You write
Your expInfo dialogue box should include participant, session and group. Add the following link to your completed URL in Pavlovia

We want the ids to be generated from prolific and carried all the way through. We don’t want subjects able to edit those

  1. i filled those into the dialog box- and then uncheck the dialog box- yet subjects still have the option of editing them
  2. I specifically want them to be carried over from prolific yet the defaults always show up when the study is opened (and thus all subjects are saved with the same id)

any recs for how to deal with these two issues?

thank you again for all of your help- the amount i’ve learned from you is really significant :slight_smile:

If you are passing Prolific ID then you should also include id

Don’t uncheck. The fields won’t be editable if you send a valid URL parameter. The parameters are case sensitive.

$"" + expInfo['participant']+"&session="+expInfo['session']+"&id="+expInfo['id']

is this what you mean? or it should be Prolific ID
either way adding those variables didnt get us back to the vespr at the end of the study

rather it gets us back to this main page

and other times it re-initialized the experiment for us - and we were just brought back to the beginning of the experiment again

participant = 012 & session = 1 must mean that you aren’t setting the values using the portal. What does the URL look like at the start of the experiment when you first reach Pavlovia? The value for id should have been set to the Prolific id in Prolific but it sounds like you’ve got a bigger issue than that if you aren’t sending the correct participant session pairs to the debrief page.