Daisy Chaining in Pavlovia Surveys

Daisy Chaining Demo try it | json

You can currently display the values of URL variables received by a survey but cannot use in expressions or logic. They are, however, saved to the data file and can be passed to the completion URL.

There are also fields for Complete and Incomplete URLs on the survey overview page, but these don’t seem to accept variables. I’ve tried expInfo and curly brackets.


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Variables can now be used on the Survey Overview page:

'https://moryscarter.com/vespr/portal/debrief.php?participant=' + {participant} + '&session=' + {session} + '&confirm=' +{confirm}  + '&responseId=' +{responseId}

Hi @wakecarter I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing but I can use URL variables in an expression and specifically in the Dynamic Survey Complete (haven’t tried in other places). Below, if the survey_code as taken from URL is not empty (i.e. they came from SONA) then I present them the link to be redirected to SONA and get their credit. Otherwise they see the default end-of-survey page


With survey_code:

Without survey_code: