Daisy Chaining in Pavlovia Surveys

Daisy Chaining Demo try it | json

You can currently display the values of URL variables received by a survey but cannot use in expressions or logic. They are, however, saved to the data file and can be passed to the completion URL.

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There are also fields for Complete and Incomplete URLs on the survey overview page, but these don’t seem to accept variables. I’ve tried expInfo and curly brackets.


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Variables can now be used on the Survey Overview page:

'https://moryscarter.com/vespr/portal/debrief.php?participant=' + {participant} + '&session=' + {session} + '&confirm=' +{confirm}  + '&responseId=' +{responseId}

Hi @wakecarter I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing but I can use URL variables in an expression and specifically in the Dynamic Survey Complete (haven’t tried in other places). Below, if the survey_code as taken from URL is not empty (i.e. they came from SONA) then I present them the link to be redirected to SONA and get their credit. Otherwise they see the default end-of-survey page


With survey_code:

Without survey_code:

Hi there,

I am trying to link between Pavlovia surveys and experiments and I have figured out how to change the URL to specify the response ID by setting this as the completion URL:


But the resulting experiment file saves the participant as ‘responseId’ rather than the value of the responseId from the survey. Could someone highlight what I am doing wrong, or how I can save the responseId in a form that the URL can access?

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I haven’t yet managed to embed the value of responseID from Pavlovia Surveys. Hopefully it will be possible soon. In the meantime you will need a generate a participant value another way, such as in Sona or using the VESPR Study Portal.

Thanks for the info.

Is there a way of saving a new variable in Pavlovia surveys that can then be passed on to the Pavlovia experiment? Such as getting participants to type in a random number in answer to one of the survey questions and then passing this forward in the URL? At the moment I am struggling to get the surveys to store any information (such as demographic info) in a way that can be referred to in the URL.

Any of the answers in the survey can be added to the URL using the question name in curly braces. Make sure your question names are short without punctuation.

Thanks for the help. I still can’t get it to work for some reason. I have now set the completion URL for the survey to “https://run.pavlovia.org/hefn1/assignment1/?participant={question7}”, and question7 is the name of a single line input question where the participant writes a random number. But in my experiment file the participant field still has the value {question7} rather than the random number.

Is there an extra step I am missing?

Quotes go around the URL from Https to = then put a + before the {

Hi @wakecarter , I followed your instructions on doing this but now the experimental page comes up as an error page, “404 Not Found”. I was wondering if you you could help me out further on this! thank you

I’d need more details in order to be able to help with debugging.

I am attempting to get the participant to manually input a unique ID by answering a component/question in the survey, which I was then hoping to have transferred to the experiment so that the unique ID remains the same as the survey, without the participant having to manually input it themselves.

What have you tried?

I tried this, I used “NumericalStroop [PsychoPy]”{Name} in the “CompletionURL” within the experiment flow section. Despite “Name” being the title of the question that I will use as an ID, it does not work. Can someone please tell me what am I doing worng?
Thank you for the help and I attach the images of the problem.

You are also missing the + sign

Also, there seems to be something weird about the capitalisation.

I added the + but now it appears the 404 error msg. Probably, there is something I am missing.

Hi @Megumi_Davila_Nagami,
did you manage to find a solution for your problem? I am currently in trouble with the same issue.


Please could you show exactly what you’ve put in the Completion URL box and the location you get sent to?

Thank you for a quick response! Actually I think I made it work right after sending that message… So, my goal was to send a participant from Prolific → Pavlovia survey → Pavlovia task → Prolific. However, I have not been able to transfer Prolific ID from Pavlovia Survey to the actual task.
This is my URL ending from Prolific to Pavlovia survey: &PROLIFIC_PID={{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}&STUDY_ID={{%STUDY_ID%}}&SESSION_ID={{%SESSION_ID%}}
and this results a column in my survey data that should be filled with the ID, right?
Then I took the Prolific ID from Pavlovia Survey using the following ending in my survey completion URL: ?participant="+{PROLIFIC_PID}
This resulted a new column in my task data called ‘PROLIFIC_PID’ and when I myself ran the task (without having a Prolific account) the column now says {{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}, so I think it is working correctly, right?
I have also added PROLIFIC_PID in Experiment info, so should this now be automatically filled with the participant’s Prolific ID?