Adding an experimental task to the start of survey in Pavlovia

I have created a survey on Pavlovia and have just gotten access to my experimental task which can be found in my Pavlovia account shared by my supervisor.
How do I simply add the experimental task to my survey or is this possible? Do I have to daisy chain them?

Can you wait until next week? Today the answer is that you have to daisy chain.

Thanks for the response. My supervisor wants it live ASAP so will have to daisy chain. Are there any good videos to watch regarding this?


I think I am confused. Essentially I have a link to experimental task and I need my participants to firstly do this task. And then they need to be redirected to my Pavlovia survey.

I am confused because I don’t know how to set up the experiment to ask them ID and demographic information as I have with my survey so I think I am missing a lot of steps

For simple demographics I use my VESPR Study Portal with a “prequest”.

However, you could easily use a Pavlovia Survey and daisy chain to send the results to the expInfo dialogue box of the experiment. Daisy chaining is a general principle, explained in my second link. My first link gives some details specific to Pavlovia Surveys.