Survey and experiment integration

Description of the problem: Hi, I am having issues integrating my experiment with the Pavlovia survey system. I was able to redirect participants from the survey to the experiment but could not redirect them to complete a final survey at the end of the study. Has anyone figured this out? I went over the Pavlovia Survey Launch video on youtube, and it seems like they suggested using the shelf tab.

What have you tried so far?

In principle you should just add the Survey URL to the Completed URL section of PsychoPy, including the participant value (as with daisy chaining to any other system) and add {participant} as an expression in the Pavlovia Survey to save the value to the data file.

I added the experiment URL as the completion link for the survey participants will take before they engage in the cognitive task. I wanted to do the same process, but instead of adding a completion link to the survey, do that to the experiment, but there was no competition URL section on the experiment overview page.

For PsychoPy experiments the completion URL is added in PsychoPy under Experiment Settings / Online.

Hi, I have another issue arising when daisy-chaining between the consent form → demographic questionnaire → experimental task → final survey.

What I have done: Copied Consent form URL and pasted it on SONA plus tagged the following expression to the tail end of the URL &participant=%SURVEY_CODE%

ResultsThe SONA ID is successfully recorded onto the consent form URL

Next: on the consent form completion URL link that redirected the participant to the demographic form, I, tagged on the following expression &survey_code='+{participant}

What occurs: The participant ID is no longer carried over from the consent form to the demographic URL. When I view the data responses for the demographic form on the excel column title participant, the word participant is printed.

Issue: The SONA ID is not carried over from the consent form URL to the completion URL directing the participant to the demographic form.

What I have tried:
I figure this issue may be arising because I do not have a participant variable on the consent form and other surveys. I attempted to store the participant IDs by creating an embedded data field titled participant doing so did not resolve my issue.

Did you also add a quote to the start of the URL?

participant should be automatically available for the URL but may not be saved in the data file unless you use an expression item.

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No I did not but thank you so much for all your help
solution: add single quotes to URL


I am also having trouble with daisy chaining and I added the survey URL to the completion URL space in my Psychopy experiment. I received the 404 error message once the experiment ends and it tries to follow the link to the survey. Has anyone figured this out?

I put this into the completed URL in psychopy:”+{participant}

The syntax you are showing is for going from a survey to an experiment. If you are going from an experiment to a survey then you need to start with a $ and use expInfo[‘participant’] instead of {participant}

Thank you very much, this fixed the issue and my survey opens once once the experiment is complete. Strangely, the experiment data was saved as a json file, when usually it is saved as a csv file. I am wondering if this is due to the linking of the experiment and the survey?

If you pilot an experiment that is set to save to database then the data is saved as a json.

Thank you very much, I changed it to csv!