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I run my experiment online, but when I tried to download the results either from CSV or DATABASE, I have a zip folder with 363 separate files. I don’t understand why and how to get simply one file with all the answers of the participants (which are rating of 45 images).

I appreaciate your help!



Your selection of CSV or Database affects whether the data from future participants are saved to separate CSV files or a single one called Database_AllParticipants. If you have already collected your data then you need to use a different tool to put the files together. I used to use DOS copy *.csv alldata.csv until I can across a suitable Excel macro RBDMerge. Details of how to use it are in my PsychoPy primer slides

Your slides are great, thanks! But I don’t see how I can get the responses for each stimuli all together. Why do I have 363 files download even when I set Database?

I am still piloting the experiment, but it is ready to be run with participants and actually I need to run it soon (because of time constraints).

If you haven’t started collecting real data yet, then the situation is much easier.

  1. Delete your local data folder.
  2. Sync the experiment which will delete all remote data files.
  3. Set the experiment to database so that future participants create one log file and add their data to a single database csv file (which you download from the project page).

Ok thanks,
I followed your instructions, but the zip folder results empty (0 kB) and I can’t unzip it (an error windows pops up) :frowning:

Have you collected any data since you deleted the pilot data?

I did “piloting” and tried it twice until the end.

Piloting doesn’t save data to the database – it only gets saved locally.

Ok, I have to turn it to “running”? Does this make it public the experiment?

If you switch it to running and add credits then anyone can run it (but not access your repository). However, you could easily switch it to running, add one credit and then start a test run. No one else would be able to start because there would be no unreserved credits.

Hi Wakecarter,
thanks for the suggestion. I added 1 credit to my account but now I can’t use the running mode. It tells me:

You do not have enough credits assigned to this experiment to run it by consuming them. It is covered by a license but not all document have been approved. You can pilot your experiment but participants will not be able to run it until all documents have been approved.

What does this mean? What documents are needed?

That’s related to the permissions at your university. Do you have a local contact you can talk to.

The implication is that you don’t yet have ethics approval for your study. Also, that you can’t allocate credits because you have a licence.

However, if you go back to CSV saving then you can pilot again with a fresh data folder.

Done! I came back to CSV and I had a file with all responses.

So from my understanding:
if I leave CSV I will need to use another tool to put all CSVs together;
if I use Database one single file will record all responses;
to try the Database I need credits, AND the license (namely all documents approved).

In any case, to get the URL of the experiment and run it for example in Prolific, I will need the license for sure, am I right?

To try the Database (or run it in Prolific) you will need a private account with credits, OR a licensed account with documents approved.

I have received the approval and now it lets me run the experiment. I tried several times but I can’t still download the results, and actually it seems that my trials were aborted. Why? I press [Escape] in the end, as suggested.

completed= 0 (00.0%)

aborted= 3 (100.0%)

last session: 2021-06-07 10:01:51


Where was it suggested to press escape? Escape means abort.

From my crib sheet

DON’T Have a final routine where you have to press escape to end the experiment.
DO The final routine either needs components with a duration or a keyboard/mouse component that is set to end the routine on a valid response.

Oh ok, that’s what happened and it’s my mistake then.

May I ask you, how can I modify the experiement from Pavlovia? The only thing I was able to do was to download the psyexp, change it locally and then upload it again as a new project. How can I modify the existing one?

You should be making edits in your local psyexp file and then pressing the sync icon

When I do that, the only option it gives to me is creating a new project

Where are you storing it locally? The sync process doesn’t like cloud storage.