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CSV files are empty!

Description of the problem:
I have already published my designed task on Pavlovia, and I had 24 participants. But, I have a problem. I downloaded all the CSV files, but just 6 of them include data. All the others are totally empty CSV file! I am wondering if you know what is the problem, and how I can retrieve the lost data?

Hi @Reza_Kakooee, would you please be able to share the URL for your task so we can take a look?

Thanks for your reply.

This is the link of my task:

I also had several participants during the last two days, but most of the CSV files are empty again.

Hi @Reza_Kakooee, would it be possible for you to set your task to run in PsychoPy version 3.2.3? If you go to Experiment Settings and set Use Version to 3.2.3, and resync, run your task and check your data. If there are still issues, please can you let me know?

Dear Madam/Sir, Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the Experiment Setting. Is in in the PsychoPy software, or in Pavlovia, or in gitlab?

@Reza_Kakooee, it is in the PsychoPy Builder interface. It should be a Window icon with a gear inside it.

Dear David, Thanks for your reply. I did the same. Now, I am getting 2 new errors (attached) when start to running the task online.

Hi @Reza_Kakooee, would you mind trying again? Apparently this issue has just been resolved - see related issue.

Dear David, Thanks for your reply. Now, there is a new problem (attached). It is frozen in the initializing phase.

Ok, we are looking at why version 3.2 is not loading, I will update you asap. It should not take long.

Ok it is up and running. Would you like to give it another test run?