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Creating a condition in Psychopy

Hi, I am a very new user of Psychopy. I am creating an experiment where a child has to select one image from three options and at the end the child has to verbally respond why he/she decided that option. I have experienced some problems doing this:

  1. I am not able to put a text and three images in the same screen. They appear overlapped.
  2. I do not know hoy to elaborate the second part. I suspect that it it is a kind of condition, but I am not sure how to do that.

Any suggestion??

Hi Caro,

Respect to your experiment:

I am pretty sure that this is because you have to control the units you are using for your experiment, and also the size and position in this (or others) units for your stimuli. You will get to present whatever you want in your routine checking this issues.

Take a look to the following link for a description on the units for windows and stimuli:

Also, you should control the start time and stop time for your text and images to appear at the same time (or not) into your routine.

I am not sure what is your question here. But you can insert any type of Responses in the Builder, like using the keyboard or saving the voice from the microphone of your pc (for the last, take a look to the voiceCapture demo for the Builder).

Good luck with your experiment!


Thank you very much, Fer. I will follow you suggestions :slight_smile: