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Need help please with Psychopy builder

I have been trying to design an experiment in which a set of images are displayed into three time variable duration conditions (1 s, 1.5s, 2s). The problem is that I don’t really know how to get it configured so that the images don’t repeat themselves (I tried to stablish 3 routines in a random loop, but it didn’t work)

Does anyone know how to get it configured?
Please, as I am new on Python I’m not used to code language, so if your solution may be given with instructions refered to the interface of the program, I would really appreciate this consideration
I leave you

a sketch of how I would like to set the experiment in case I didn’t explain myself correctly.

Thank you so much for your time

Did you try full random?

If I understand correctly you want to display images (or any stimuli) in different durations, so you can do only ONE routine, and in the conditions file repeat the name of the stimuli (name of the jpg file, for example) three times in the same column and create another column next to it called Duration, then right next to each stimuli name right in the duration column you write 1, 1.5, 2 accordingly. Then you go to the image or text component in your routine and were it says duration you write $Duration, so everytime an image appears it will pull the Duration in the Duration column next to it. Then when you upload the file and click random, these will pop randomly.

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But in this case, Would I have each image repeated for 3 times, no? Is there any way in which I can randomly display only once each stimuli?

i.e 12 different stimulis with a duration of 0.6s and different TIME RESPONSE DURATION: 4 x1 second duration; 4 x 1.5s duration; 4 x 2s duration

I don’t want - for example - Stimuli_1 to be always displayed into 1 second duration. I mean, I have a set of stimulis and a set of time durations OF TIME RESPONSES (not duration of stimuli, which is always the same), I want them to be randomly associated along all the experiment.

Thank you so much
I really appreciate your help

i don’t really get to understand for what is used Full Random, could you explain me, pls? Thank you

So in your image component, you will have a duration of 0.6 s to display the stimulus. For the “response time” routine, you will want to have a column in your conditions file that specifies the duration (whether 1s, 1.5s, or 2s). If you want this to be different for every participant in your study, you could set this column to randomize.
Pretty much just follow @Laura_Pissani’s instructions, but instead of for the image stimuli, do it for the response time routine :cowboy_hat_face:


I am not so sure, but I think it randomizes everything among columns, instead randomizing within the same column -which is what most people want-.

About your experiment, yes. In that case, as @bwinston said, you should create a conditions file with a column called duration and write vertically the three values, and in your response component write $Duration, so it can pull those randomly.

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It worked!! But now, the problem I have is that as the polygon that I used as black background doesnt fit with the time response as it is randomnize, and if I configure the polygon to be infinite it overlaps the rest of images. I also tried to write $Duration on the duration of the polygon, but it takes different times in comparison to the time response due to it is randomnize as well. Do you know any possible solution for this?

thank you so much

I don’t understand exactly what you want to achieve here. Change the background color? if that is so, just go to experiment settings.