Connect EyeLink to PsychoPy


I’m currently trying to set up PsychoPy with EyeLink and I cannot manage to connect the Host PC with the stimulus PC.

I have the following connection error:

“ERROR: Could not connect to tracker at”

I have made sure that the Display PC has the network settings like in the recommendations/instructions (i.e. IP address for Display PC are and as subnet mask), but I cannot make it work.

I have the following setup:

  1. My laptop → which is the host PC with WIFI connection
  2. An ethernet cable from my laptop from a LAN not connected to the internet (because it is through Wifi) that has the address: with as subnet mask
  3. The ethernet goes into the Display PC with address of and as subnet mask
  4. The Display PC is configured such that once it is turned on, it starts directly the EyeLink environment.

Does anyone have any idea on why I cannot connect the two?


Have you tried to disable the WiFi on your laptop so that you are sure that any traffic will go through the Ethernet connection?

Let me know if that solves anything, if not I can have a look at the system that we have used here in the past to see how everything is connected here :slight_smile:

Hi There,

If you open the experiment computer and open the command prompt/terminal and type ping does it successfully send and receive messages from eyelink?


As it happens we recently updated our docs too!


I managed to get it going.


In the meantime, I have a question for which I can’t seem to find the answer.
I’m currently trying to run an experiment with PsychoPy and integrate with EyeLink using code components.

Once I start the experiment, it seems the mouse cursor dissappears - I cannot move the mouse or click anywhere on the screen.
For the tasks that I want to present, subjects need to make some choices at one point → click YES or NO for example.

Is this a “default” setting for EyeLink libraries that are imported (i.e. import PyLink or EyeLinkCoreGraphicsPsychoPy)?
How can I change so I make the mouse visible and usable by participants?


win.mouseVisible = True

Yes, I’ve used that, but I have to put it in each frame ,every code sequence.
Regardless, I’ll use this option, I was thinking of whether something more “global” as a solution exists.