Conditions file not being ingested when running on Pavlovia. 'Undefined' variables shown as 'hello world'

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Ok - this is tricky.

I have what appears to me to be a reasonably standard loop (BaseRateLoop) which reads variables from a conditions file. As follows:

From this conditions file I dig out the labels for the two possible participant response buttons (Option1 and Option2). When I assigned these to directly to text objects via $Option1 (for example) in the ‘text’ field in the component window - this worked fine. But… I now would like to randomise in which position these two responses appear in. Thus I have written some code that manipulates these two vairables and flips them around according to a RNG being more or less than .5.

This works fine locally. You can see from the screenshot below on the first iteration of the loop the ouput sent by the code to the Runner window shows that these two variables (option1 and option2) are present and working.

BUT… when I upload this experiment to Pavlovia, it all goes bad. Instead of the strings from the conditions file, the onscreen variables display as ‘hello world’ (cute) and when I open up the console output browser thingo these variables are displayed as ‘undefined’. As per below:

Now I have searched the forums for advice and thought it might be related to this problem: Error when importing conditions in nested loops

So I tried just copying the values to a new variable (Op1 and Op2) but this didn’t seem to help and in hindsight I think that this might be a different problem (no nested loops).

So - I’m totally stuck. Why on earth might this happen?

Any guidance (again) would be appreciated.

Thanks folks,


Copying to alternative variables is the right way to go. You can read but not manipulate variables set in spreadsheets online.