Committing Modified Experiment Files Automatically

Hi everyone,

I had this issue and managed to find a way around it, but I thought it was worth posting. I’m still not sure if I’m the only one.

I made a few small changes to my experiment in the builder (I added an instructions page) and I exported the experiment to HTML. I then doubled checked to make sure the changes were visible in the javascript files. However, I ran into some trouble trying to update the repository on pavlovia.

The first issue occured when I tried to use the automatic sync button. A message appeared saying that ‘this file doesn’t belong to any existing project’ (I double checked to make sure that I was logged in and I was). So, then I tried to search for the project manually and use the sync button there. That worked, but I was only able to sync the new data output files from the online repository. The changes I have made to the .js and .psyexp files were not committed. In other words, the problem was isolated to modified files only and not newly created ones.

I managed to get around this issue by committing the files manually using cmd. Using ‘git status’ commands I was able to detect the modified files, and then add, commit and push them to pavlovia successfully.

Thanks @unagi_pie, it would be useful to let us know what version of PsychoPy you are using here, because these problems may have been fixed if you are using an older version.

Hi @dvbridges. I’m using PsychoPy3.0.0b11. Yesterday, I created a new experiment and was able to use the sync button to commit changes directly through the builder. However, after I closed PsychoPy and openned the experiment to work on it again, it didn’t recognize the experiment, sending the message ‘this file doesn’t belong to an existing project’ (again, double and triple checked to make sure I was logged in and that the project was stored properly on pavlovia. Thanks again for following up.