Combining Experiments - Data not saved from second study

URL of experiment: Pavlovia (experiment1) + Pavlovia (experiment 2).

Description of the problem:
I have added the link for the Experiment 2 to Experiment 1 in the Properties settings in PsychoPy. On Pavlovia the end of Experiment 1 does take you to Experiment 2. However the data from Experiment 2 is not recorded, whereas it is in Experiment 1?

Could anyone explain why?


What happens at the end of Experiment 2?

Do you expect the participant to press escape/close the browser before ending the experiment?

Are you saving partial data?

Thank you for your quick reply.

Experiment 2 finishes with a text component that informs the participant they have completed the task.

Once they press the space bar Pavlovia closes the sessions and thanks them for participating (exactly as in Experiemnt 1).

There’s no saving of data at all, no .csv file (or .log file etc) is saved from the session.

I should have mentioned that Experiment 2 also has a re-direct link to an Inquisit study - could this present it from saving a data file?

That shouldn’t be a problem if the redirect to Inquisit is in the completed URL.