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Data isn't being saved

Is anyone else experiencing this/have a fix for it? Sometimes I have participants who did the experiment (based on their responses in a post-experiment survey), but when I download the experiment data their file isn’t there. At the end of the experiment I ask them to hit a specific key to properly close the program, so I’m not sure what’s happening.

Another thing is that I’ll run a batch of people, but even after I collect all the submissions (over MTurk) I’ll have a few credits still reserved on Pavlovia. Is this the missing data?

Hi @psych , it could be that your participants are closing the browser before the experiment is over, but would be good to check with the PsychoPy team to confirm

Hi I am having similar issues and it is costing me money on participant payments on Prolific.

Just today I think it had to do with Pavlovia being down briefly (I only noticed it because I was doing something on my dashboard and had an error message). My participant said they came to closing down the experiment where there is the pop-up ‘Please wait a minute closing session’, followed by a timeout error box.

I had a similar issue today where I have participants complete several experiments, and for some reason on two of the experiments the data did not save. It has saved for these experiments with this participant previously… At the same time I was also getting the Pavlovia error message.