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Clickable Stimuli Not Working Online on Pavlovia

I am using PsychoPy 3 Builder version 2021.1.4
I added text component as clickable stimuli for the mouse component in my trial. It seems to work fine offline but when I uploaded it online it shows this error. What similar component shall I use so that my experiment works on Pavlovia too.

This is most likely an issue where you haven’t converted the Python code to JS properly. Can you post your code here?

Hey , are you talking about the Psychopy Experiment code uploaded on Pavlovia. Its here-

Hey! Just an idea: maybe you could put a polygon behind the text and make that clickable? Also be sure to use the most recent version of PsychoPy & PsychoJS, because that has the most bug-fixes

As I found out, make sure the mouse state is set to update every frame and not on click.

Hey, thanks for all the help. I was able to run my experiment. In the ‘Clickable Stimuli’ option in the mouse settings, the text format was inserted as [text], for running online, I had to remove those square brackets and write it just as text. However, to run offline, square brackets are needed.
I did try using a polygon and still got the same error. The issue was with format of clickable stimuli

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