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Difficulties while running study online on Pavlovia. Mouse does not respond

Description of the problem: Word Picture matching test.
PsychoPy version 2020.1.3
Hello! In my experiment I have a looped routine where participants are asked to choose one of the 4 words (by clicking on it) that is representing the given picture best. After the mouse click the participant sees the next picture and 4 words around.
When I run the experiment on PsychoPy, everything is working, however when I try to do it online, I cannot proceed to the next picture, since the clicks are not being registered(any clicks of the mouse). I have tried to run the study online in different browsers (Opera & Chrome) and on different laptops. The issue still persists.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestion of fixing it. Thank you in advance!
Please see the included picture for mouse settings.

Unfortunately text components aren’t clickable stimuli inPsychoJS. You’ll need to put rectangles behind them.

Best wishes


Dear Wakefield,

Thank you! You literally saved me from a mental breakdown! Now everything works! Magic!

Kind Regards,

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You’re welcome. I’ve been learning PsychoPy online since lockdown having given up three years ago when it couldn’t do code components and then procrastinating when it looked like I’d have to learn JavaScript.

PS Search the forum for a link to my crib sheet

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