Experiment doesn't transition from Inactive to Running/Piloting

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I have an experiment that was Running, and then I switched back to Inactive. Now I am trying to activate it again, but it does not transition from the Inactive state.

In the HTTP response on the experiment page I can see that my change is pending:

{command: "change-status", old-status: "INACTIVE", new-status: "RUNNING"}

But it never actually happens.

Any ideas on how to debug this? Forking and recreating the experiment isn’t really an option as I have already submitted the URL to multiple places.

I have actually recreated the experiment now as the URL seems to stay the same, but I’m still having the same issue.

The only time I experienced something similar was when there was no js file in the project. But since it was already running for you, this is probably not it, right?

Did you change anything in the experiment between setting it inactive and now?

This issue can be related to a /lib/ Folder in the Gitlab project. If you see a lib-Folder in your project (Gitlab.pavlovia.org), Try removing the folder directly in the online editor or locally and then sync again via the builder.

That does seem to be the issue, but if I remove it then I get a 404 saying that it can’t find the files in /lib.