Can't change experiment status in Pavlovia

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble changing the status of experiments in Pavlovia. When I try change to either “Pilot” or “Running” a notification pops up saying that the status is being changed, but nothing ever changes. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried deleting the project and uploading again but I have the same issue.

Check the code on Gitlab to see if a JS file has been uploaded. I suspect there’s an error in your code which is stopping the JS being created. Can you see any error messages?

Thanks for your quick response. The JS file and the index file are both there on Gitlab. Also, the experiment runs fine locally in the browser. There aren’t any error messages from what I can see. All I see the status change notification (shown in the screenshot) which remains there indefinitely.

Do you have a folder called lib?

Yes! Thanks, that did the trick! I think the lib directory is created by PsychoPy when you run the js-version of the experiment locally. I’ll add it to the gitignore file.

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Hello, I am having the exact same issue but I am unable to even access the code on Gitlab for this inactivated project (it says it doesn’t exist) thus I cannot even view or change the lib directory. Would someone be able to help with this? The GitLab Id for the project is: #318016