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Changed email address caused experiment not being covered by license

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

first my apologies if I’m making some mistakes here.
So my experiment is online and running, the problem is that it’s not recognized by my license, which seems to be working as well for newly created project and for my account. However, I’ve built the experiment under different email address (without a license) and changed it just recently - to email with a license. I’ve updated the new email everywhere where I could, including a commit email in gitlab. But I believe it’s still somewhere stucked, probably between gitlab and pavlovia, because when I’m looking on my config file in my computer, it shows the correct address and it properly synchronizes. The project on gitlab also seem to be correctly connected to that new email. The ‘easy’ fix would probably be to just delete it from gitlab and push it there again. I’m hesitant to do that, because I carefully built the experiment step by step always synchronizing to make sure that all changes are compatible with the online version. I’m affraid that some recent update or similar could cause some bug to it and I’m sure all fixable bugs, still, I believe there might be some neater solution to it.

Here are just two screenshots of how does it look like on pavlovia:

I would be very greatful for any hint or advice!

Thank you!