Change email address in Pavlovia


I’d like to change my e-mail address on Pavlovia to my university email address (so that my account can be assigned to our institutional license). I changed the address on my GitLab account and even deleted the previous one, but there is no change on my Pavlovia profile. How could I solve it? Or does it take a little time to change?

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @kriszti I’m in a similar situation. Did you manage to get it to work?

Hi @Alex-A14, unfortunately not yet :frowning: (we finally used an other account). I suppose I should write the developers, I’ll let you know if I get a response!

Hi @kriszti, did you have any luck changing the email address?

Thank you!

Hey @kriszti, @Roberto_Abreu, @Alex-A14, you are absolutely right, thanks for flagging, please bear with us, a patch is on the way, x

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Thank you for your response. I actually noticed that it updated about a week ago (I was on Pavolovia one day without a license and then the next day the license was there). It’s odd because it’s been over a month since I changed anything.
I changed my gitlab email address to an institutional email. So either that finally kicked in, or it registered the university affiliation. But again, it’s been months since I changed those. Don’t know if this helps.