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Can't save the data of response time for mouse click online


Excuse me , I use mouse click in the whole experiment . It could successfully save the data of response time in my offline study , while not in my online study . Actually , it could only save the object name which mouse clicked online. Why ? Is it a bug now ? Thanks!


@dvbridges could you look into this

@Succi_Wang it always helps if you provide a link to the study in question.



No problem. I think the problem is related to setting the mouse save state to “Final”. With Final, only clickable stim is being written is the JS code. @jon, this might be a good time to copy the refactored mouse component code from Python to JS - alternatively I can push a quick fix. In the meantime, @Succi_Wang, if you save mouse state “on click”, you should get your desired output, depending on how you have set up your trials i.e., whether they end on mouse clicks.


Hmm, if the experiment is set to save “Final state” rather than a click it seems to me that we wouldn’t expect a reaction time to be saved. In that case the online experiment is doing the right thing, and the local experiment is doing the wrong thing! The final state suggests to me “What was the mouse state at the end of the routine?” so it says whether the buttons at that point were up/down and what was the location.

I agree with David that your solution is to set it to save the click first/last/all if you want an RT because RT is necessarily related to clicks.


@jon,@dvbridges ,thank you a lot ! I changed my mouse setting from "final state " into “on click” , and the problem has been solved ! :grin:


I think time was misinterpreted in the data file as an RT, it is actually the mouse clock time at the end of the routine that is saved when using “final”.