Mouse.time does not save (correctly)

URL: (please, debuggers only)

In my trial, I have two subsequent routines that both require valid mouse responses. In the datafile, for the first routine I get the button states, x, y, image clicked, and time. However, despite using identical settings, the time column is often missing from the datafile, or the resulting numbers are much smaller than expected (≤ 0,001s).

I categorised this under online experiments, as this is where I will be recruiting. However, the small values issue persists when I run it locally via Psychopy v2020.1.2.

Screenshot of mouse settings in routine 1:

And routine 2:

My first hunch was that the physical click carried over the screen flip into the second routine, which is why I opted to save the state on click, but this was nonsensical, as the clickable stimuli are in different locations. Any ideas? Flushing the buffer maybe even?

Additionally, when I tick the “New clicks only” box, it does save RTs for the second routine. However, it no longer saves the RTs for the first routine. The components have different names, but this suggests that they’re not fully independent? I’m a little puzzled to be honest.

Edit: “Turning it off and on again” somehow seems to have done the trick locally; so I will sync it with the online study and if all works well I’m not touching it anymore :slight_smile:

Hey @Cesco, thanks for flagging, were you able to get this to work in the end?

I’m sorry for my delayed reply @sotiri, annual leave. Yes I did get it to work but I’m not sure how; so I just executed the old engineering approach of “don’t touch and push it” :slight_smile:

Alright, cool, good to hear, thanks for the update, here to help if something crops up again, cheers! :blush: