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Not saving mouse clicked image in online study

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:I am having a problem saving the mouse clicked image when running my experiment online.
When I run it offline, everything works great and my output file contains the name of the image that was being clicked on. When I run the study online, it doesn’t save this information anymore.
Anybody got some tips?

@martijnvh, how are you setting your images in your experiment? If you have your image names listed as stimuli in a conditions file, that is used in a loop, then they should be saved automatically.

Thank you for your response!
Sorry for the vague description of the experiment, but It is indeed the case that I am using a conditions file in which I put my stimuli.
It captures the variable “mouse clicked image”, but it does not save any value in this variable.
It’s strange because it is the same code that works fine offline.

Hi @dvbridges, answering here in response to the mention in this post Can't save the data of response time for mouse click online , as I am having the exact same issue as described above; the difference is that my clickable stimuli are all text, and neither name of the item or the actual text (as defined in ‘Store param’ box) gets saved online -they are saved when running it locally. I apologize for the cross-posting and if this is confusing, please let me know which details I need to provide further. Thanks again for the help.

@ade_mh, unfortunately, clickable text online does not work yet (see issue), but instead you can position your text inside a polygon / shape stim, and check whether the polygon was clicked.

Hi @dvbridges thank you for the quick reply! I created the shapes and wanted to make them transparent, keeping in mind this issue but even entering ‘None’ (not $None) still results in the shape filled with black, rather than transparent. I suppose there is no way to set the shape colour to background colour and then overlay the text above the shape?

@ade_mh, the solution for this can be found in the crib sheet :

Fill with background colour and place above anything that should appear inside it. Alternatively, add polygon.setFillColor(undefined) to Begin Routine

Hello @dvbridges thank you for pointing me to this resource, this fixed the issue of transparency!