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Can't run my online experiment


I’m Stefano and I’m a new user of PsychoPy - I’m actually using the last version, 3.1.5 .
I’m doing my MSc Research project and I’d like to run my PsychoPy experiment online.

I followed all the steps and I synchronised it on Pavlovia (through the interface, I didn’t upload manually, as you suggested).
I activated the experiment and I get its URL :

once I’ve copypasted it on the web bar, the browser displayed " initialising the experiment" and it lasted the whole night ( I let my laptop on ‘cause I wondered it was a matter of the size of the file I uploaded, which is around 66 Mb). Unfortunately, it’ s still displaying it, hence not running my experiment.

  • you can check by yourself on your browser either -

I really don’t have an idea about how to fix it, I’m wondering if is a matter of the script (Phython - Java). I’m quite anxious because I need to fix it soon as I wish to start to collect data as soon as possible.

I attached the .psyexp & the .py files. I also attached a screenshot of the mentioned blank page displayed once I launched the experiment


Any help would be immensely appreciated!

experiment (350.4 KB) experiment .psyexp (235.2 KB)

Also, I wondered if I should just " translate " the code I used in some part of the experiment and not the builder’s one as a whole ( I read PsychoPy already does it while building the experiment through the interface)

If it’s that, the could would be the following: