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Trouble running on-line experiment

URL of experiment:
Description of the problem:
When I try piloting the experiment, it shows the initial menu that appears on psychopy, but It freezes from there on. Anyone can help? Thanks a lot.

Hi @AnaES, I took a look at your experiment, and this may be an issue with sizing, where your text is sized too large to be shown on screen. To get around this issue, set your units of your screen and your components to something explicit e.g., “height” units, resize your stimuli e.g., text paragraphs should not be sized .7 height units (too large) - use .05 or something smaller. Resync with Pavlovia, and refresh your browser, and try again.

For info on screen units, see docs.

Hi David, I have done as you said, but it still does not work. Now I can see ‘test’ in huge letters and the rest of the experiment does not run. (link:
Is there any other way of uploading the psychopy files of an experiment that works offline? I really need this because of Corona Virus. :frowning:
Thanks so much for your help!