Can't fix "unable to download resource" online experiment

URL of experiment: drag_drop [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: The experiment is running in PsychoPy perfectly fine, but when I loaded to Pavlovia, I got his error message:

  • when setting up a preload queue
  • unable to download resource: UI-logo-removebg-preview.png (UI-logo-removebg-preview.png)

I replaced this png image with a new one and renamed and uploaded, but the error is still there even though the file is already replaced.

Here is the gitlab link:Sign in · GitLab
The UI-logo-removebg-preview.png was in logos folder, but i replaced it with “UI_logo.png” now.

I’m new to PsychoJS, please anyone could give me a pointer to debug. Thank you in advance!

I got a different error when I clicked your link

{“origin”:“ImageStim.setImage”,“context”:“when setting the image of ImageStim: coord_instruction”,“error”:{“origin”:“ServerManager.getResource”,“context”:“when getting the value of resource: instructions/Slide1.JPG”,“error”:“unknown resource”}}

Have you looked at the following links?

Thanks! It is very helpful. I followed the instructions and uploaded images through Additional Resource in Experiment Setting. I actually ran into an error which was what you saw: error when getting “instructions/Slide1.JPG” [unknown resource].

Slide1.JPS is already uploaded in the Additional Resource. The reason it cannot be found may be this:

I created Image-based instruction, where participant can read slide1 to slide5 (image) from hitting left/right arrow.

So in the image component, the file path is $‘logos/Slide’ + str(slideN) + ‘.JPG’
and in code component,

if coord_key_resp.keys == ‘left’:
slideN -= 1
elif coord_key_resp.keys == ‘right’:
slideN += 1

I guess that is the reason why slide1 cannot be found. Could you please give me some pointer that what should I do to fix this unknown resource error. Thank you in advance!

What I can see is:

error when getting “instructions/Slide1.JPG” [unknown resource].


$‘logos/Slide’ + str(slideN) + ‘.JPG’

which refer to different folders.