Unknown resources error... 'all resources downloaded' but progress bar remains blank?


When trying to pilot my experiment (link) I get an unknown resource error. When I start the pilot and I have to type in a PPID, I see that ‘all resources are downloaded’, but the progress bar seems to remain blank. This suggests to me that no files were uploaded and that my files might be in the wrong place? I followed the steps of the youtube tutorial, and my git repository looks the same as Rebecca’s (as far as i can tell).

I am running the experiment from the root, and all stim/resources files are in the root folder. In my image components, there is no path, just [img].png


What I’ve done so far:

I checked for typos, spaces, caps, etc
edit: I checked file types/extensions
I deactivated the experiment, cleared browser cache and reactivated it
I tried hard refresh
I deleted the project and uploaded it again under a new project name

I saw a fix fix that suggested to queue up all resources manually, but I’m not sure how to do that in my experiment, and if that would even fix the issue. https://discourse.psychopy.org/t/error-unknown-resource/16243/2


Could you share your gitlab repo with me? (tpronk)

Meanwhile, this tutorial could be handy in the future; it illustrates how you could confirm a resource isn’t downloaded when loading your experiment. https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/tpronk/tutorial_js_network_error

Thanks for the reply, Thomas! I checked and, indeed, no files were uploaded.
My experiment is now public and I shared the github repo with you…

I am having a similar issue. Just last week I ran my experiment online without any issues - all my resources downloaded and the experiment ran. I don’t believe I changed anything in my JS or settings that would cause this issue but now when I pilot the experiment it “loads” all the resources in a second with the bar empty just like you described. Then I hit okay and get a similar unknown resource message.

I wonder if other people are having a similar issue? Is it our code or did something in the pavlovia servers change? I know they are doing maintenance on it right now so I wonder if it is related.

Hope we can get to a solution.

Also want to note I attempted adding the code from here: https://pavlovia.org/docs/experiments/resources
to try and load the resources manually but still did not work.

@Sabinosaurus, I do see some capital letter issues. For example, there is a file “goodROBOT.png”, but in the experiment a request is made for " “goodRobot.png”

Thanks thomas, I fixed that but I can’t sync to pavlovia at the minute; I’ll try again later on. It is not loading any other files though, so I don’t expect that this will fix the issue to be honest.

Hi @Sabinosaurus,

Pavlovia is under-maintenance today. Uploading or calling participants would not be possible. Rest all you can do!

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Tried again and problem not solved.

Then I’d recommend to start off building a new experiment with only part of the resources, test that, and slowly build it up while regularly testing. Easier to pinpoint the issues

Any luck so far @2clarkmoore2? Did you check whether anything gets uploaded at all (see Thomas’s post above)?

No luck. I will check again but my exp was uploading all resources perfectly fine two weeks ago and I did not change the wording of any of my files. I believe my issue lies somewhere in the html or JS where it is trying to upload my resources.

Same here, I checked my files for errors (capital letters, extension, etc) a zillion times and I keep getting the same error message. It seems that none of my resources are being uploaded, and the dialog box says that ‘all resources are uploaded’ and it driving me insane.

I made the project a bit smaller as @thomas_pronk suggested, and removed some ‘unnecessary’ image components, but it’s just moved the error to the next resource it is supposed to upload (which makes sense, I guess).

Would you post a link to your new code? I am going to see any similarities you and I have in our repos/JS and compare to other code to try and pinpoint the issue.

Yeah sure. I just added you to the github project. I forgot how to make my project public though…

I also tried uploading the resources manually using the tab in ‘experiment settings’. Didn’t work…

Thanks! Can’t see your code though - go to gitlab and its in settings->general->permissions and you can make your repo more public so I can view it.

Thank you! Hope we can solve this.

Ah, done

Well I see one issue with your code that may help fix it (I hope). I noticed in your JS you don’t have any code that is loading your resources. Currently you have psychoJS.start({ expName: expName, expInfo: expInfo}) but no resources line. The following is an example of one resource in my JS script. So what you would do is copy that into your JS code component that starts at begin experiment. Then write in the name of every resource you have after ‘name’ and you can just put ‘resources’ after ‘path’ since you have a resources folder. Try this and let me know if it works.

Also if you want another example you can always go into the Stroop demo and click on stroop.js for reference.

Clark Moore

expName: expName,
expInfo: expInfo,
resources: [
{‘name’: ‘BIC/BIC/Stim84ind.jpg’, ‘path’: ‘resources’}

Thanks Clark, that would explain my issue. I’ll try that. I hope you’ll manage to solve your own problem, too!