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Can not "run the study online"

can not run the study online by the botton.图片
the Error as follow

and could i just test my html in my computer?when i open the html, the page stop at “initialising the experiment”

Hi @pyl8128, you will first have to activate your study from your Pavlovia account. To do this, go to the experiment dashboard e.g. at Pavlovia and set the status of the task to PILOT mode. You can now run your study from the dashboard using the PILOT button (see image). Running in pilot mode generates a time dependent URL for your task, so you can debug your study. If you wish to collect data, and you have credits to do so, you can use the “run” button, or send the URL to your participants.

Thank you, but i have changed the mode to the pilot. But another question arised that the exp could not be updated. I updated the exp in my gitlab (Sign in · GitLab) but the exp could not be updated when i pilot in my page (Pavlovia).

I want to know if the exp in (Pavlovia) can not be modified after creation?

If it is true, i can only debug my html version in my own computer? but i can not open the html file that automatically generating by psychopy builder? The html stopped like that:图片

@pyl8128, you appear to have multiple projects within the link that you have sent me, although I think you may have just deleted the project? I would recommend starting again. I would move the experiment files to a new folder, and delete the local project folder on your computer, and start again.

The experiment can be modified after you begin piloting or running the task, but sometimes you may need to refresh your browser cache in order to have the most up to date files running: See refreshing/bypassing browser cache.

It can work now, thanks.