Unable to change status from Inactive to Piloting


URL of experiment: Experiment is not public so can’t give you an URL, but can add you if you pass me your username.

Description of the problem: I cannot change the status of the experiment. It is in ‘inactive’ mode. When I click on ‘Piloting’ it will show me the message ‘The status of this experiment is being changed. This may take a few minutes’. However, after 10 min this message is still there and the status has not been updated. Renewing the page has no effect. I’ve tried several times but with no luck. My internet connection was not interrupted during the time.

Is there a central issue or am I missing something obvious here (I’m new to PsychoPy and Pavlovia)?

Thanks for your help,


I figured it out! There was still an open dialogue window in my PsychoPy Builder. Once I closed that, the experiment went into ‘Piloting’.

Your solution sounds surprising to me. I wouldn’t expect an action in a Browser window to be dependent on a dialogue box in PsychoPy Builder.

It was a synching dialogue box so maybe the synch wasn’t yet fully completed? Sorry, I can’t remember what the dialogue box said, I closed it too quickly.

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