Able to log in to Pavlovia but data missing

Hi all,

I am able to log in to Pavlovia but my data and credits are missing. I’m assuming that the files are still being transfered over from the server, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue too?


I am as well - none of the data collected in the last ~3 weeks is present.

Yeah, I’m afraid we’ll need to wait a while before the data is restored again. Getting studies running again on Pavlovia - #13 by thomas_pronk

Thanks Thomas! I am able to sync my experiments to my profile, but the credits that I have purchased are not on my profile. Is there a time scale for when they would be available again?


Credits are not being consumed. When we’re back to the original server then we can start using the store again and normal credit-service will resume. For now you’re covered by our own license.