Can't open

is anyone else having trouble accessing the site?

EDIT: Based on the responses below, a lot of us have been affected by this issue. I think a couple of questions need to be answered @jon @apitiot :
1, what’s the cause for this? There has been several reports of 504 gateway timeouts, but it was claimed to be a glitch, are these error reports related in any way? In any case, I think there should be a thorough investigation so that we can be sure that the server will work in a consistent manner going forward.
2, when will the services be recovered as many of us have data collections planned
3, do we still have access to existing data, which is obviously extremely valuable to our research.


I can’t access the site either or push to it from PsychoPy

same here, can’t run experiments either, I am not sure if the server’s down

Getting the same problem as well. Says it cannot connect to Gitlab.

same here, cannot access Pavlovia and can’t run the task.



Also experiencing this.

Same! Can any of the developers give an idea of when this will be fixed? We have a lot of participants schedule today and tomorrow.

same here, been trying to open it from different browsers but still failed to open pavlovia. cant even run the experiment. i have two participants supposed to be running this morning. hopefully this problem will be resolved really soon

also can’t access existing data and uploaded files on

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Same issue here

Yup same, it just doesn’t load(

Welp. Hopefully our data is still there. I tried a git pull, and even that doesn’t work.


Same here!

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Hello site monitors! Do you not need to appoint 24/7 site saviors?

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Do we have a specific timeframe of, when the server will be up and running again?

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Good morning everyone,

We are investigating the issue. It is possibly linked to the DNS rather than the site, itself. I did not touch the server yesterday so it is unclear why that suddenly popped up.
We will get back to you very shortly.
Our apologies for the interruption!



same here. one of my participants finished online experiment but can’t upload the data.

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  1. How might we predict when an outage like this will occur again, and what is the probability of an outage like this occurring again, and how can we minimise the probability of an outage like this?