Is Pavlovia down? Unable to load experiments

URL of experiment:;;

Description of the problem: Whenever I or my participant try to reach out to the experiments, a blank black page appears, and after a while a termination error due to time. When I try to reach out to my experiment dashboard, it cannot be loaded and I get the following error: “\r\n504 Gateway Time-out\r\n<body bgcolor=“white”>\r\n

504 Gateway Time-out


Can anyone help me? We are in the middle of testing and I do not understand why this comes up now.

Thanks so much in advance!

I’m having the same problem right now. Nothing is loading on Pavlovia. I can’t fetch my experiments.

Hi there,

Sorry that you are experiencing this. I was able to replicate the issue my side and have alerted our web development team. We will be in touch as soon as we know further details.



Is the data from currently running experiments still maintained despite the problem?

Good morning,

I believe we experienced a temporary slow down of the GitLab server, owing to a sudden peak of activity. As far as I can tell from the logs, the pavlovia backend was not, or only minimally, affected and indeed experiments kept running without issues throughout the day, with results being saved continuously to the server. I am investigating the matter in detail as we speak.
With my apologies for the mishap!


I’m also having a lot of slowdowns over the last couple of days, and some gitlab timeout errors.

I am assuming any data that isn’t in my gitlab today was not saved and wont turn up? For me its just one participants CSV and log file, and another that does not have a log file.

@laura_prosser Can you give me the name of your experiment? Your participant ran the experiment yesterday, 2021/10/25?

The account/name of expt. (its on my work account): LauPro/doubleregistration-a1-tripleplus

Yes I ran 34 participants yesterday: 32 who I have all the data for, 1 only a csv file and 1 no files.
Started data collection 25 Oct 2021, 12:28.

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I have just checked the logs.
The reason why you got a .csv file without a .log file is that this session was interrupted before the end of the experiment (i.e. the session was incomplete), most probably because the participant decided to close the tab. PsychoJS was able to notice that the tab was closed and could send the partial results up to the server before the experiment was unloaded. Under those circumstances we do not sent the logs.

Would you have the ID of the participant for which you have no data?

Okay thank you - so it would save the CSV file even though partial data save is off?
I would assume the other participant is number 175, as that is the file that is missing.

I assume if I would try and collect more data now there shouldn’t be an issue?

You are welcome to collect more participant data. The slowdown was temporary.
Let me get back to you regarding 175.


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I am still having similar issues today. One of my participants had trouble getting into/starting my task, and when they finally completed it, lots of their data was missing from the .csv file, and they had many more practice trials than expected. This was the task that they completed: Pavlovia (timestamps: 2:35 and 3:43 pm).