Can i recover the deleted data?

I accidentally deleted the reserved data. So one of the subjects’ data disappeared, is there a way to recover it?

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Yes, if you have data saving as .csv files, have a look in your version history.

From your experiment page, click “View code<>” > then in your gitlab page go to your commit history then scroll back to a date before you deleted the file and click “browse files” that will show you the repository at that point in history, so you should see your data files too (serach version control on this page and that will have some screen shots for guidence The Pavlovia environment — Workshops for PsychoPy 2020 2020)

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Thank you for your kind answer. But I didn’t delete the data from my desktop, but I deleted the data from the experiment that’s currently being conducted inside the psychopy homepage(released data). Is there a way to restore this?

The above answer refers to if you deleted a datafile for an online study. (either by removing the file locally and pressing sync, or by deleting the file online in gitlab).

Please can you confirm what you mean by “psychopy homepage”?

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oh, The meaning of psychopy homepage is ‘psychopy website’.

Sorry I am still a little confused as data is not stored on

Have you accidentally deleted a file from gitlab in (accessed from if so, that is what the above solution applies to.