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Reset stats info in pavlovia

I was wondering if there is any way to reset the stats information for a given experiment in pavlovia (see image above). I am finally ready to get started with data collection and I would like to reset any info relative to testing done in the past.



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Can anyone help with this? I would also like to delete all data files created from testing sessions so that they do not get confused with actual output files from real subjects. Should I just delete all files one-by-one? I am tempted to delete the data folder altogether and then re-create it, but I fear this may cause conflicts and issues when saving…


@rob-linguistics13, if you want to delete your data, you can just delete the local data folder and then sync your study with Pavlovia. Then your online repo will mirror your local repo and the data will be deleted online too.

As far as I know, the stats cannot be reset. If you want a clean slate, you could always:

  • close PsychoPy
  • delete your local .git folder in your project directory,
  • Delete online repo on Pavlovia
  • Open PsychoPy and create a new project on Pavlovia

Thanks for the tips. I just fear that syncing my local folder with the git folder will overwrite the js file that is already uploaded on the git folder (I’ve modified the js file by hand without using code component from the builder).

Ah yes, it will if you do not change your settings on Experiment Settings. Go to Experiment Settings, Online tab, and set your Export HTML option to “manually”. Now, you can sync safely with Pavlovia without overwriting your changes. With this setting, you have to go to the File menu and select the item Export HTML if you want to rewrite the JS. Give that a go, but just to be safe until you are familiar, make a quick backup of your JS files in the html folder.

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